Intro first blog post..why have a decided to start one?

…apparently to start asking myself extensive questions:)

ok..the answer would be to write down my feelings, experiences, thoughts, information I find important etc.. I wanted to start a blog a while back, but i just couldn’t..someting was off..i couldn’t find the motivation to put myself out there.. It happens when you look at the world and you don’t see anything exciting..when you don’t find passion within..anything I’d write back than would be related to princesses, brainwashing, E.T.s and goat head I’d talk about bullshit. Not that those things aren’t true :), but we all have a choice in life..we can either feed off those negative vibes or actually learn from everything that comes our way..and things that teach you something, aren’t be bad by definition itself. Perception can do wonders, perception is your reality..and when you truly let go of ‘your’ beliefs, start trusting in life and have 100% focus during every interaction you come across, you see how fascinating the whole mechanism is..a place – custom made for each and every one of us..:)

For the past few months…I experienced..felt..some ‘out of this world’ feelings..which made me see behind the curtain..and that is also the reason why I started experimenting more with psychedelics. I know that best feelings come in life when you’re clean, sober..not forcing I am aware that by taking trips, I won’t get transported back to that state of nirvana..but..they do expand my horizon..expand my reality..and that is my main objective see what else is there..within and consequently outside of me..’ll learn all about my past and future experiences..well..probably not all, but close to 90% :)..

Later..I’m off for tonight..:)

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